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Magnanelli House

Montescudo (RN), 2011
Client: Roberto Magnanelli
Designers: Arch. Manuel Benedikter - Ing. Paolo Veggetti
Energy Class: CasaClima Classe Gold Nature

Sober, elegant, scenic, the detached house designed by architect Manuel Benedikter rests on a bed with a glass granular cell base (in two different building’s bodies, given the presence of a large indoor pool in the basement). The vertical building envelope in poroton is insulated with 26 cm of mineral wool plastered from 90 kg / mc, and covered with two single-pitch wooden roofs, ventilated and protected by 30 cm of wood fiber of 140 kg / cbm. The large window frames are placed at the outer edge of the wall by shaped counterframes, these are double insulating glasses (Ug = 0.6 W / m² K) with frames made of fir wood (Uf = 0.9 W / m² K).

The excellence of the building envelope and the many solar contribution allow to compensate for the thermal demand of the 600 square meters of building with a small pellet boiler of 16 kW (which, even during the snowy winter of 2012, has worked only for two months). On the other hand, the important mass ensures summer comfort in the absence of cooling plants. Such a marked ecological footprint of the building-plant system (completed by the photovoltaic system on the roof), gave access to the Nature protocol of ClimaHaus, with a Gold Class, making Magnanelli House a unique example of its kind: the first and unique ClimaHaus 1 kWh / sqm, as well as the highest score by the jury of the competition of the same name, edition 2011.

Designers interview (Settimana della bioarchitettura e domotica 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIhnL3IS5Hw