E2project engineering s.r.l.

Monticelli Quattro

Bologna, Under construction
Client: Impresa Fortini s.r.l.
Designers: Ing. Paolo Veggetti - Arch. Michele Ghirardelli
Energy Class: Obiettivo CasaClima A

Located in the city's historic center, 400 meters away from the Two Towers, this three floors building comes from a thirteenth century plant, the result of the unification of four terraced buildings, which rather unscrupulous actions in the sixties have made unrecognizable. The intervention (almost ready to start) consists of a change of intended use (from commercial to residential) with the creation of 9 apartments of different denomination, 3 of them with volume attic and large terrace, and a garage (partially automated) for 12 vehicles.

The property owner, ClimaHaus Consultant, has demanded a high energy efficiency requalification. The downgrading from monumental building has offered the opportunity to design many external insulation. The new wooden roof is insulated with 20 cm of wood fiber from 140 kg / cu. m. The HVAC depends on a heat pump (canalyzed and internally installed). Each apartment is equipped with mechanical ventilation with a dedicated machine. The electrical part will be managed with home automation systems, with levels of sophistication and processing adaptable to each buyer, useful also to facilitate accounting, payment of utilities consumption from the tenants and administrator’s supervision of apartment block.