E2project engineering s.r.l.

Unicredit Bank Gattalupa

Reggio Emilia, 2012
Client: Unicredit s.p.a.
Energy Class: Certificazione Passivhaus

E2Project has taken part in the redevelopment of the Unicredit branch located in Via Gattalupa in Reggio Emilia as executive design team, availing itself of the collaboration of architects Michele Ghirardelli and Manuel Benedikter. Its role was to identify and detail the technical intervention which will drastically reduce the building's energy needs, and also to minutely follow the construction phases subsequent.

In commissioning the redevelopment of one of its most energy-intensive branch, Unicredit Bank has decided to re-enter the building in "standard passive", with the aim of achieving the certification of the PassivHaus Institut. This still unusual choice has to be defined as "courageous" by a public authority, a foundation, or a banking group (as in this case).

The exterior insulation finishing system of 26 cm of mineral wool 90 kg/cu. m., coated on a largely curvilinear envelope (with a laying process, designed ad hoc), a sophisticated doors and windows frame system (with a special counseling of arch. Michele Ghirardelli and arch. Manuel Benedikter), and the capillary system of VMC are just some of the 'passive' solutions which led to the energy "benchmark" targeted by the Client.

To take advantage of renewable energy sources, with regard to the component "active", seven geothermal wells face to reduced thermal energy requirement, and 10 kWp of photovoltaic system on the roof produce about 8,000 kWh of electricity.

Interview (Settimana adella bioarchitettura e domotica 2013): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOP1sbCRvco